The Consignment Agreement states that Jagwear will ship to your club a selection of leotards from our in stock inventory. This decision will be dependent on the number, age, and level of the gymnasts at your club.

The agreement also outlines the frequency and deadlines that payment and statements are required. At the end of every month it is your responsibility to keep record and send along with that month's payment, a statement showing your club's most up-to-date inventory information. At the end of every second month, it is your responsibility to return to Jagwear any unsold inventory along with payment of inventory that has been sold since the previous month's submission. The reason we have your unsold inventory sent back is two-fold. Let's face it, what hasn't sold in those 2 months in unlikely to sell anyway. We would like to keep your club stocked with a changing selection of suits to make sure that there is always something new and interesting for your club members to buy.

Your club will receive a commission up to 20% for selling and taking care of the suits while they are in your possession. Please keep in mind any suits that are lost, stolen or damaged are your responsibility and your club will be required to pay for what is not returned, lost or damaged.

Jagwear of Canada will pay the cost of shipping inventory to your club. It is the club's responsibility to look after the cost of shipping the inventory back to Jagwear. Returned inventory must be sent by insured Express Post Mail or Courier so that the parcel is traceable.

The product styles we carry for consignment are sleeveless leotards, Jag tops and shorts. They come in a wide variety of styles, colours, fabrics and price ranges to meet everyone's budget.

Your club credit card will be required to process the consignment request as per the form included below.

There is no risk to you club, as long as you take care of the inventory and keep it locked in a safe place when not on display for sale. You do not have to invest any money - only your time.

I look forward to hearing from you soon and hope that you decide to carry Jagwear apparel in your club.

Yours truly,
Serena Bono
President, Jagwear of Canada Inc

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